Officially Announcing the Crowd Control Partner Program

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Crowd Control Partner Program! This program is an opportunity for those who have shown dedication and consistency in using Crowd Control to earn additional benefits.

In this blog we’ll go through the requirements for eligibility, perks as well as frequently asked questions that should cover everything you need to know about the partner.

What’s the Crowd Control Partner Program?

The Crowd Control Partner Program is an creator program to reward Crowd Control’s most loyal and consistent users. Crowd Control users can apply for partner when they become eligible after achieving certain requirements that measure consistency and engagement using Crowd Control.

Crowd Control Partner Requirements for Application

To become eligible to apply to the Crowd Control Partner Program, you must meet the following requirements for three (3) consecutive months:

  • Two (2) monetized Crowd Control sessions of any game or session length.
    Only sessions monetized through Twitch Bits and/or Global Coins will count towards this requirement, meaning Charity sessions and sessions without paid coin transactions will NOT.
  • Have at least fifteen (15) unique monetized viewers.
    Monetized viewers are viewers that use paid coins – whether they’re global coins or coins bought with Twitch Bits – to send effects.
  • Generate 100 USD in Gross Revenue.
    You must make at least 100 USD with Crowd Control before the revenue split. Whether through Twitch Bits or Global Coins, your estimated revenue on the Crowd Control App must be over 80 USD, as Crowd Control takes 20 USD

The goal of these requirements is to measure your consistency using Crowd Control, your community’s engagement with Crowd Control, and to ensure sustainability profit-wise.

Crowd Control Partner Perks

Crowd Control Partners will enjoy the following perks:

  • An 85:15 split on Global Coin revenue
    You will make 5% more revenue from Global Coins spent on your channel! Please note that this split only applies to Global Coins revenue and NOT Twitch Bits revenue, as that is a standard 80:20 split for all Twitch Extensions.
  • Early Access to New Games
    Access new Crowd Control supported games before everyone else! A perk usually exclusive to Crowd Control Pro members.
  • Crowd Control Partner Discord Role & Channel
    Network with the Crowd Control team and other Crowd Control partners, as well as get sneak peaks on features and games being developed.
  • Surprise Physical Gift 👀

Meeting the Requirements ≠ Partnership

Please note that applying to the Crowd Control Partner Program does not guarantee Crowd Control Partnership. After receiving your application, our team will manually and thoroughly vet your application. There are certain circumstances where we may accept applications outside of these criteria [ex. outstanding performance utilizing competitor software; high CCV; among other scenarios]. Our team will also take into consideration conduct and etiquette in our Discord server, as well as alignment to our company values on other social platforms.

Important Dates and Timelines

Applications for the Crowd Control Partner Program are officially open as of today, and the first wave of partners will be announced on April 1st, 2024.

This means that if you’ve met the requirements for December, January, and February, you will be able to apply right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the Partner requirements?

When we developed the original requirements for the Crowd Control Partner program, we hadn’t launched Crowd Control 2.0. Since the beta and the official release of 2.0 in August 2023, we’ve been able to better understand our streamers and their performance.

Transparently, we’ve adjusted the requirements because we wanted to ensure the sustainability of the program. Some requirements have gone up, but from better understanding your performance, we actually reduced the amount of Unique Monetized Users needed to apply as not all creators could reach our initial target.

We pay salaries and run our small but mighty company from the revenue we make from Coins, so we needed to adjust the Crowd Control Partner requirements to make sure we can give back to our loyal users, without putting the future of Crowd Control at risk.

Where can I check my Partner Progress?

In the Crowd Control app, you will find a tab called “Become a Partner” at the bottom left.

How do I apply to become a Partner?

Once you meet the Partner requirements for 3 months in a row, an Apply button will appear in the “Become a Partner” page.

That will lead you to a form to fill out as your application. Please note that applying to the Crowd Control Partner Program does not guarantee Crowd Control Partnership.

I’ve sent my application. Now what? How long do I have to wait to hear back?

You will hear from our team via e-mail with an acceptance or rejection typically within 2 weeks, but could hear back sooner later in some circumstances.

I applied for the Partner Program through the old form. Should I re-apply?

If you’re eligible to apply with the new requirements, please re-apply through the app. If you’re not eligible currently, worry not as our team will be going through those applications for the first wave of partners.

How will I found if I’ve been accepted or rejected as a Crowd Control Partner?

You will receive an e-mail from [email protected] once your application has been reviewed.

My application got rejected, can I apply again in the future?

Yes! We will try our best to provide transparent feedback on your application if it was rejected. Keep at it and you might make it in next month!

What are Global Coins? Where can my viewers buy them?

Global Coins are Crowd Control coins that aren’t attached to any channel and can be used to interact with any Crowd Control streamer.

Global Coins generate revenue when they are used to purchase effects.

Global Coins can be bought through any streamer’s interact link via Credit Card or PayPal.

Where can I see my 85:15 split?

You can check your Crowd Control revenue in the Overview page under the Analytics Tab of the Crowd Control app.

How do I become a Crowd Control Ambassador?

The Crowd Control Ambassador program continues to remain invite-only for the foreseeable future. Crowd Control Ambassadors go beyond loyalty to the product, but are Brand Ambassadors and users since Crowd Control started. They’re also tied to a long-term exclusive contract to Crowd Control – which is why the plan is to maintain it as is for the time being.

I have a question regarding the Crowd Control Partner program.

We really hope this blog post answered everything, but in case it didn’t you can always reach out to us via the #cc-questions-n-help channel in our Discord server. That will ALWAYS be the fastest and most efficient way to reach our team.

We look forward to seeing your application and to the exciting opportunities this partnership can bring!

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