How We Work

At Crowd Control we take pride on the processes we follow to ensure the quality and legitimacy of our application and the games we support. Whenever we get game support recommendations from our community, we begin an assessment on what’s the best way to develop support for that specific game. Every game pack supported by Crowd Control was developed by community members, in-house or through a paid collaboration.

In-House Development

Some Crowd Control packs are developed in-house. Our full-time (or part-time) resident Senior Developers spend time studying the games we want to support, to then start developing the effect packs you know and love. The in-house developed packs carry the Crowd Control seal of approval from idea to product.

Community Developer Collaboration

Sometimes, the games our community wants us to support already have a booming mod-scene. Whenever that’s the case, we like to collaborate with developers with extensive experience on those specific games. The developer creates the effect pack with our SDK and then shares the pack with us on the last stages. The Crowd Control team then intervenes to ensure the quality and translatability of the developed effects to ensure it meets with our internal standards. If it’s a previously agreed paid collaboration, the Community Developers get properly compensated for their time and work.

Additionally there’s another 2 processes that every pack, no matter how they’re developed, go through before becoming available to our streamers.

Effect Graphic Asset Development

Every single effect of a game pack has its own icon, that will represent it on both the Crowd Control application and the overlay. While some graphics can be reused in multiple games, we try to create unique and original art for games that need it. For this task, we have an in-house artist that will design from 20 to up to 100 unique icons per pack.

QA (Quality Assurance)

Many of our supported games will go though multiple stages of testing. Usually, we do in-house testing and then reach out to experienced streamers to do stress-test streams for our games so that when they are released, they have as few bugs as possible. Since the sorts of things being done to these games with Crowd Control was never really intended, we try to ensure the game pack is of a high quality so that both streamers and their viewers have the best possible time.

Our games have multiple safeguards in-place to make sure streamers and viewers can feel safe when using Crowd Control. All effects goes though our coin system which you can find more details about on this blog post. But the short of it is, effects that never trigger are automatically refunded, and only when we get confirmation from the game does the coin balance get updated. However, we understand mistakes still happen, so we give the streamer the ability to refund and retry effects if something does go unexpected.

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