Add Livestream Interactivity to Your Game with Crowd Control

Crowd Control provides game developers with a unique way to increase the appeal, replayability and longevity of their games by allowing content creators to develop highly interactive content.

Crowd Control is a no hassle tool in the developer toolbox, and most importantly: it’s free.


Self-Service: No Hassle, No Cost Integration

Crowd Control ensures a seamless integration process, handling all server communication and user support. This allows developers to focus on the most important aspect: building their game.

It’s really that simple, and available for a variety of game engines including Unity, Game Maker, GoDot, and MelonLoader, with Unreal Engine soon to come.

The Benefits of Crowd Control

We know what you’re thinking, “My team could probably do this in-house!” but Crowd Control’s benefits go beyond just technology.

Crowd Control


See how Crowd Control looks in The Sims 4 and Minecraft!

Crowd Control for Indies

We love collaborating with Indie Game Developers to further propel their launch strategy by having Twitch Interaction from the get go.

Ready to bridge the gap between
your games and content creators?