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Crowd Control’s standard revenue split is 80:20 – 80% for the streamer, 20% for us.

DISCLAIMER: Revenue made through Twitch Bits will always remain 80:20, abiding by Twitch’s standard revenue split policies.

COMING SOON – The Crowd Control Partner Program will introduce new revenue splits for Partners and Ambassadors.

  • Crowd Control Partners: 85:15 Split on Global Coins revenue
  • Crowd Control Ambassadors: 90:10 Split on Global Coins revenue

Please join us on our Discord Server, where our team will provide support as fast as possible.

Crowd Control Pro is a monthly subscription add-on geared towards all streamers who want to supercharge their Crowd Control experience. Once subscribed, streamers unlock perks, which include some of the most requested features like customization of Free Coins amounts, unlock extra Channel Point rewards, and more.


Crowd Control is $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year and can be purchased through the desktop application.

Crowd Control supports over 100 games, including PC Favorites (like Skyrim, Minecraft, Fall Guys etc) and Retro Classics (like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past).

The Crowd Control team is always working on adding more games and is currently developing new features to bring Crowd Control to ALL PC games.

You can always check what games Crowd Control supports by visiting our Games Library on our website or on the Crowd Control app.

Yes! Viewers everywhere can interact with your game through your unique Interaction Portal so Crowd Control is no longer attached to a specific platform. The link to your Interaction Portal can be found in your Live Dashboard on the Crowd Control app.

  1. Download the Crowd Control App.
  2. Log in with your primary or preferred method to unlock platform-specific features.
  3. Follow the In-App steps and guides to set up your game.
  4. Edit your prices to maximize viewer engagement.
  5. All done! You’re ready to start your Crowd Control session.

In summary, Crowd Control connects with games so that your viewers can trigger in-game events (effects), in real time. For example, a viewer could spawn an Ender Dragon into your Minecraft server. Viewers use Crowd Control’s in-app digital goods called “Coins” to purchase effects. Coins can be purchased through Twitch Bits and Credit Card payments (Stripe), or, collected by using Twitch’s Channel Points.

Crowd Control is an interactive gaming app that lets streamers produce highly interactive, monetizable content with their community. Crowd Control started as a Twitch-only experience, but Crowd Control’s 2.0 update enables live creators to use Crowd Control on any platform including YouTube, TikTok LIVE, & Discord—anywhere you can create live content.

If you have an active Crowd Control Pro subscription, click Manage Profile in the desktop application located at the top-left of the app.

Of course! We would love for you to use Crowd Control in your events. All we ask is that you please reach out to us at [email protected] at least 2 weeks before your event to make sure you won’t run into any issues while your event is live.

Crowd Control Coins

Yes. In your Live Dashboard on the Crowd Control app, click the Refund Button next to the effect that didn’t trigger to refund viewers.

Viewers can purchase Global Coins via Credit Card through a streamer’s Interaction Portal.

Viewers can acquire Local Coins:

  • By exchanging Twitch Bits for Coins in the Crowd Control Twitch Extension.
  • By exchanging Twitch Channel Points for Coins on a streamer’s channel.
  • By donating to a charity through the Crowd Control Twitch Extension or Interaction Portal.
  • For free, once per session for all users, and once a month for Twitch Subscribers.

On average, 1 USD = 100 Coins.

Bonuses are available the more coins you purchase at a time.

Crowd Control Coins allow us to support creators on all platforms by not limiting us to Twitch-only features.

They also act as a security barrier between you and your viewers by enabling features like refunds if effects don’t trigger, cooldowns, and other features.

Coins are Crowd Control’s in-app currency. Viewers use coins to purchase Crowd Control effects. There’s 2 types of coins:

Global Coins: Global Coins aren’t attached to any channel and can be used to interact with any Crowd Control streamer. Global Coins can be acquired via any streamer’s Interaction Portal.

Local Coins: Local Coins are attached to the channels they were acquired in. Local Coins include coins acquired through Twitch Bits, Channel Points, and donations to charity. Free and Twitch Subscriber Coins are also Local Coins.

IMPORTANT: Global Coins generate revenue when they are used to purchase effects while Local Coins generate revenue the moment they’re purchased.

No. Coins, both Global and Local, do not expire.

HOWEVER – Coins acquired in a charity session DO NOT relay to monetized sessions. Meaning, if a viewer has 100 coins left over from a charity stream and tomorrow you decide to do a monetized Crowd Control session, viewers will NOT be able to use them.

Global Coins are a new type of Crowd Control coin. Global Coins are not attached to a specific channel and can be used with any Crowd Control streamer. They generate revenue when used, not when purchased.

Viewers can purchase Global Coins with Credit/Debit Card, Google/Apple Pay, or CashApp, and PayPal.

All external payments are done through Stripe and PayPal, the renowned payment processors. Crowd Control doesn’t have access to credit card information whatsoever.


Twitch and Firefox, as well as some of the other flavors of Firefox such as the illusive Waterfox, are unable to activate Twitch extensions that ask for Twitch subscriber information. If you really want to activate it manually, you’ll need to do so from another browser such as Chrome or Edge.

However, even this isn’t needed as the Crowd Control extension will automatically activate itself when you click “Start Session”, as long as you have the “Automatically activate extension on session start” checked until Config -> Options in the Crowd Control desktop app.

Yes. Crowd Control works for Twitch streams.

If your extension on Twitch is not loading, the most likely reason is you haven’t Granted Permission / Linked your Identity to the extension yet. The extension should have prompted you for this on the first load, but in case it didn’t and you no longer see the message you can do so manually by following these steps.


On a browser/desktop when viewing a Twitch stream, there will be a Crowd Control icon on the right-hand side of the video player. Hover over it, and click it. You’ll then see “Manage Access”, click that, and then finally click “Grant” on the Manage Permissions page.


On mobile/iOS/Android you should see a “Grant Permissions” button when first loading the extension. If you don’t, you can manually grant permissions by clicking the 3 vertical dots next to “Crowd Control”, then Link Identity, and then click Confirm on the message dialog that pops up.


After doing that, you should now be able to view the extension and send effects. If you still are unable to see or load the extension, make sure you do not have anything like FFZ or BetterTwitchTV blocking extensions or anything similar.

On Twitch, we recommend using Crowd Control with our Twitch Extension enabled. The Crowd Control Twitch Extension allows for Twitch-only features like Free Coins for Twitch Subscribers, Channel Point support, and more.

Get the Crowd Control Twitch Extension by visiting your Twitch Creator Dashboard and then the Extensions tab.

Once installed, if you log into the Crowd Control app with your Twitch account, the Twitch Extension will activate automatically when you start a Crowd Control session.

No. Cheers in chat won’t give users Crowd Control coins.

We highly recommend you let your viewers know that, if they want to acquire Coins with Twitch Bits, to make sure they do it through the extension.

Bits exchanged through the Crowd Control extension WILL count towards Bit Badges, Leaderboards, Hype Trains, and more.

If your Twitch Subscribers can’t redeem their free coins, it might mean our extension doesn’t have permission to view your subscriber list.

Go to your Twitch Creator Dashboard → Extensions → My Extensions → Manage Permissions.

And make sure the toggle enables Crowd Control to view your subscription list.

Yes. This is a Crowd Control Pro perk. It allows streamers to customize the conversion rate of Channel Points to coins.

Crowd Control Pro is a monthly subscription add-on geared towards all streamers that want to supercharge their Crowd Control experience and can be purchased through our app or website.


Viewers on YouTube can interact with your game through your unique Interaction Portal.

You can find the URL to your interaction in your Live Dashboard on the Crowd Control app.

We recommend YouTube streamers pin their Interaction Portal at the top of their chat or YouTube stream description to maximize interactivity.


For game developers, Crowd Control is a no-cost, no-hassle tool in the developer toolbox that allows for the integration of interactive features with just a few clicks. The app has a growing network of over 75,000 live creators and enables endless replay value, resulting in increased engagement and player retention.

You can find our plug-ins and detailed documentation at developer.crowdcontrol.live

Yes. Only 4 steps are needed:

  1. Add the Crowd Control plug-in to your game.
  2. Create and Register effects.
  3. Set UI options.
  4. Done.

The Crowd Control handles all server communication and user support so you can focus on what matters: building your game.

Yes. It’s completely free to add Crowd Control support to your game.

However, if you wanted the Crowd Control team to build support for you or develop any custom solutions, it would incur in a cost.

Please reach out to our team at [email protected] for more information.

Crowd Control works with games based on the following engines:

  • Unity
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • MelonLoader
  • COMING SOON – Unreal Engine

Yes! Find our plug-ins and detailed documentation at developer.crowdcontrol.live

Yes. We encourage community developers to play around with our SDK.

Find our SDK at developer.crowdcontrol.live

Crowd Control offers custom solutions for publishers and developers who want their own Twitch extension with unique features and integrations for their games.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Custom built extension by the Crowd Control expert development team, for you to own.
  • Hands-on support after launch for up to 12 months
  • Support for your game in Crowd Control native apps.
  • Discovery for your game in Crowd Control’s app.
  • Marketing to Crowd Control’s growing network of creators on Twitch and beyond.

Please reach out to our team at [email protected] for more information.

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