Increase your Stream Revenue by Playing These 5 Games with Crowd Control Enabled

With live streaming being a lot of content creator’s main source of income, streamers tend to find themselves looking for better and unique ways to increase their stream revenue without “selling out”. In the last 3 years, Crowd Control has helped streamers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue, and in this blog post we’ll share with you some of the top grossing Crowd Control effect packs of 2021 so YOU can start increasing your income from streams this 2022.

Hello everyone, Moni here! I’m back for another blog post this week, all about helping you make more revenue with Crowd Control. As we’ve discussed in the past, Crowd Control is a lot of things. It’s an application to play with your viewers and an innovative way to raise for charity through our Tiltify integration, but, in the end, Crowd Control is also a tool to help streamers 👏make 👏 more 👏 money 👏.

I will be writing another blog post soon diving deeper into how Crowd Control stands out from similar interactive experiences in our space and why it should be your go-to tool. But in this specific post, I want to share with you some tips on Crowd Control sessions, as well as what games you should be playing with Crowd Control enabled to start increasing your stream revenue.

Crowd Control in a Nutshell

Before I dive into the list of top grossing CC games, I wanted to briefly explain what Crowd Control is for those who might not know! Crowd Control is an interactive gaming application that allows viewers to take control of the games streamers play. This, by allowing viewers to purchase coins to redeem effects that will trigger in game, in real time. No cards or challenges you will have to manually do, but direct integration with the game.

When using Crowd Control on Twitch, Coins, the Crowd Control currency, can be purchased through Bits. 1 Twitch Bit : 1 Coin : ~0.01USD. The action of buying coins will act as a Twitch ‘Cheer’. All streamers can see how much revenue they make from Extensions on their Twitch Channel Analytics.

Crowd Control currently supports over 100 games, from retro classics like Super Mario World and StarFox 64 to modern favorites like Fall Guys and Dark Souls 1 and 3.

PRO TIP: Streamers are free to use Crowd Control as many times as they want — and we truly love you for it — however, our recommendation to maximize engagement and revenue is to do 1 or 2 3-hour sessions per month.

Now that you get the gist of it, let’s dive right into what you’re really here for: the most successful Crowd Control games of 2021.

1. Minecraft (PC)

Minecraft is not only the best-selling game of all time, but it’s also the game that has helped streamers make the most with Crowd Control. With viewers being able to send you Ender Dragons from the moment you spawn or kill you on the spot right after you find the materials you need for your diamond pick axe, it’s no surprise our Minecraft pack is a crowd favorite. And as a bonus, if you like to play Minecraft with friends, you can create a multiplayer Crowd Control-enabled server so they can also join in the madness. You can read more about Crowd Control-enabled servers on our last entry to the Crowd Control blog.

2. Skyrim Special Edition (PC)

Just from all of the hype we get from streamers about Skyrim, I knew that this would be one of the top games! And actually our Skyrim pack just got a massive update that added over 100 new effects and Anniversary Edition Support. If you are a streamer that loves Skyrim casually and haven’t given Crowd Control a try, you totally should!

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The minds behind Crowd Control are retro and speedrunning lovers. So we always put some extra love and fairy dust into our retro packs. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time support, at its time of release in late 2019, was one of the most requested effect packs, and our community’s love for it reflects on how high it ranks in the grossing-chart even 2 years after release. If OoT is one of your favorite childhood games and you would like to revisit it, why not do it while your chat keeps you company through Hyrule?

4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC)

Wind Waker support arrived after Linkus7 helped raised $30,000 for charity with Crowd Control in the spring of 2021. It quickly became a Crowd Control classic and in only 6 months it evolved into one of Crowd Control’s most popular packs. Some of the effects available include sending Link giant sea waves, rocket launch Link into the air, remove rupees and many others. If you’re looking for a chill game to play with Crowd Control-enabled that has the potential to make YOU some extra rupees: this is the one!

5. Super Mario 64 (N64)

And last but certainly not least, is another crowd favorite: our Super Mario 64 pack. Following up on the love our team has for retro games, our Super Mario 64 pack embodies everything Crowd Control stands for: playing your all-time favorite games, with a twist. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your chat set your pants on fire, remove all your stars or electrocute you on the sport — even Ludwig had fun!

And those are the top 5 top-grossing Crowd Control games of 2021. We hope the list gave you some insight into the effects packs and hope it inspires you to give them a try with your community on your upcoming streams.

Which of the 5 are you interested in playing? Let me know via Twitter!

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