New Year, New Us: Why Crowd Control will be our main focus in 2022

Don’t worry, your favorite services like Turnip.Exchange, 1UP Coin and MultiQueue aren’t going anywhere, but in 2022 our interactive extension, Crowd Control, will be getting the most of our love!

Hey you — Happy New year! We hope you had an amazing holiday and managed to stay safe during these hectic times (thanks, Miss Rona🦠). Throughout the last few months of 2021, we at Warp World have been working on consolidating our small yet mighty company, hiring some full-time rockstars, building our roadmaps and setting our goals for 2022.

During this process, one question kept roaming around every discussion: “What product should we really focus on?”. As you may assume, that was a ✨really✨ hard question for any of our team members to answer, but after long brainstorming sessions, seeing where most of our passions led and thinking about the future of YOU, our community, the answer was simple: 2022 is the year of Crowd Control.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Crowd Control will be our main focus in 2022.

1. Crowd Control is a Unicorn 🦄

“A thing that is rare and highly valued” — We firmly believe that Crowd Control is a one in a million service that has the potential to not only impact live content creation as we know it but also the gaming development landscape as a whole. “Unicorns” if developed and supported right, can be pioneers, and specially in such a tight-knit industry like Gaming, we’re hoping Crowd Control can be a pioneer product that will take interactive gaming as we know it to the next level. And to achieve that — we have to make Crowd Control as bomb as it can be to reach more content creators and game developers.

2. Embracing the motto “For Streamers, By Streamers” 🤝

Warp World’s company motto for the last 5 years has been “For Streamers, by Streamers”. Most of our services were created to make a streamer’s life easier and better. MultiQueue was developed so a streamer could create queues to interact with their viewers effortlessly (maybe to play their levels on Mario Maker, or 1v1 them on Smash Bros. Ultimate) without the hassle of long spreadsheets or lists. 1UP Coin was created so streamers interested in Crypto could receive donations in BTC, ETH among other coins.
However, none of these services have the potential to truly 
support (🤑) streamers sustainably like Crowd Control does. Crowd Control is a lot of things, but in the end, it’s an application for streamers to make more revenue — simple as that! And by making it better, developing more effect packs, and putting it in front of even more streamers, we’re empowering their passion and giving them another tool to help support their content creation careers.

3. Infinite Games to Support 🎮

Check out our website to see all supported games!

Can you believe that since Crowd Control launched in October of 2018, we have added support for over 60 games. That’s a lot of games. And guess what? We get asked to support dozens of other games daily lol. With a pool of hundreds of thousands of games to develop support for — either in-house or in collaboration with a Video Game or Community Developer — time and man power become privileged assets. And hey — we want to make sure all of your favorite games get supported!

4. Bluntly: Cash is king. 💸

“Oh no! They’re talking about money!” Yes lol. While unconventional, if we want to have a 1:1 relationship with you guys, transparency and honest communication is key. We’re a small team with a lot of ambition, and Crowd Control is our only monetized product. The revenue Crowd Control brings in, not only helps support our servers and the technical side of our products, but also helps support our team members as well as properly compensate streamers that work with us — which is a big part of our Influencer Strategy. So by taking Crowd Control to the next level, we’re increasing the potential revenue we can make to help keep the lights on and achieve our goals for the coming years.

5. Final and most important reason — to make YOU happy 🫂

There’s a lot of things we’re proud of at Warp World, but one of the things that makes us the proudest is YOU, our amazing community. Building this community has been a privilege and we see every single tweet and stream you guys do with our products. And coincidentally, Crowd Control is the product that you guys engage the most with — asking us to support new games; to add another charity to our supported charity roster; add more features to Crowd Control and so much more! By putting all of our man power into Crowd Control, it gives us more time to tackle all of your wants and needs faster while still meeting our quality benchmarks. It’s a win:win 😉.

That about sums up the reasoning behind our decision to focus on Crowd Control for the foreseeable future, and we truly hope you see where our brains are heading! It’s not everyday you have a unicorn on your hands🦄. And BTW — we’ve been already at it for the last month, have you seen our website refresh? 😉

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