Untitled Goose Game (PC)

Here we will describe how to setup Untitled Goose Game for Crowd Control! We currently only support the PC version, which you can find on the Epic games store. Check out for more info on the game!

  • We need to download a file and add it to the main directory of our game.
    • This file will need to be placed in Untitled_Data/Managed of the game directory
  • Click “Start” from the Crowd Control desktop app
  • Launch the game.
  • Verify the connection is working by staring a new game and clicking “Effect List” from the CC desktop app.
  • HONK!
    • When testing this way, the Crowd Control app will wait for UGG to be the active window before sending.
  • The game needs to be the the main active window for HONKs to happen.

NOTE: If you hit “Stop” (or get disconnected) in the desktop client, you will need to:

  • Close the CC client,
  • Close UGG,
  • Relaunch the game with the above steps to start a new session.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our forum, discord, Twitter or email for additional support!

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