How to connect Tiltify to Crowd Control

This is a simple guide on how to link Tiltify to Crowd Control! This is a great way to give to a supported charity directly while playing Crowd Control.

Supported Charities can be found on our charities page at

If you want to use a charity that is not listed and are in contact with the charity please direct them to this form.

If this is your first time using Crowd Control, take a look at this blog post from Tiltify.

Get your Campaign ID

  • To get things going, go to Tiltify and create a new campaign.
  • From your campaign page, go to “Setup” > “Information” and find your Public ID.

Your campaign need to be published before proceeding!

  • From the Crowd Control desktop app, click the Charity tab under Config.
  • Add your Tiltify Public ID to the box and continue!
  • If this if your first time using Crowd Control, head over to our Setup page to complete the setup!

Some Notes

  • Crowd Control does not receive a portion of the donations, we are foregoing our 20% cut that we would normally receive when used with Bits when a charity is enabled.
  • Donations MUST be made through the extension every time. They cannot donate from a link in chat, or your normal campaign page.
  • Donations made though the extension will credit the donator with coins which exchange at $0.01 to 1, so for every cent donated they will receive 1 Crowd Control coin, or $1.00 = 100 coins.
  • If you are sharing a campaign with other streamers, coins will be shared between all players.
  • Don’t forget to adjust your prices to better compliment your stream and community!


If you have any questions, issues or comments, feel free to ask at our discord. Have fun!

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