Skyrim Special Edition Steam


You can follow the general setup guide at for extra help with the Twitch Extension, the Crowd Control Desktop Client and other options.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our discord, forum or email us for additional support!

Automatic Setup

  1. Select Skyrim Special Edition from the Crowd Control desktop app!
  2. You will be asked what version you have. Make sure to select the store you are running the game from, which should be Steam.
  3. If you are running Steam and the game is installed, we will automatically find the path to your game.
  4. Click “Install Mod” or “Update Mod” to get things going.
  5. Once that is complete, press “Launch Game”!
    • After launching, confirm “CrowdControl.esp” is enabled from the in “Creation” menu found at the title screen.
  6. Once you are in a save file, you can START a session and send test effects!

Gameplay Notes

  • Mouse or Controller: We have disabled PC/mouse type effects by default in favor of controller effects. You can disable or enable your specific input effects from the Effect Manager.
  • Overlay Note: The default is to display Crowd Control events using the in game text. You can disable this by editing the CrowdControl.ini included in our zip. Change bEnableCommandNotify=1 to bEnableCommandNotify=0 from your Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition folder.


  • “Crowd Control v” in game message: This means the Crowd Control script is not running. Make sure you are using the Launch Game button in the CC desktop app or using “skse64_loader.exe” to start Skyrim. You will also want to make sure you have the correct version of our mod installed, 1.6.353 or v1.5.97, as noted above.
  • Getting “Crowd Control stopped while player is bound” issue: Use this version of the mod instead. Just copy the contents to your “Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition” and replace when asked.
  • Mod Order: If you are playing Crowd Control with other mods, we suggest making it the first in your load order. Other mods can work, but we will only be able to fully support the CC mod working by itself.

Advanced Setup

Not recommended for new users! The below links will go to our “Advanced” guide.

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