StarCraft 2 Randomizer


You can follow the general setup guide at for extra help with the Twitch Extension, the Crowd Control Desktop Client and other options.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our discord, forum or email us for additional support!


Setup for this game is all handled within StarCraft 2 and support for Crowd Control is built into the randomizer mod. Check out on how to setup a game with “Randomizer Mod”!

  • After launching the game, you can click Start in the Crowd Control desktop app.
  • Once you start a new game, make sure Enable Crowd Control is checked in the options menu.
Gameplay Support

The github is also the place to go for more info on how this randomizer works and different options.

Effects that activate via Crowd Control target everyone on the map!


Thanks Die4Ever for building support for Crowd Control into your randomizer! Check out his github for more fun projects. He also helped put together Crowd Control support for Deus Ex Randomizer!

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