Using Rivr to search through your Crowd Control Sessions

This is a simple guide on how to use your Crowd Control session data to find exciting moments from your Crowd Control stream using Rivr.

Rivr is an app that will help you create content from your streams by finding potential clips for you! Read more at

Export your Session CSV

  • Crowd Control Session data can be downloaded from the Sessions Analytics page of the Crowd Control App.
  • Export Effects as CSV by clicking the icon on the left.

Import your CSV to Rivr

  • Paste your Stream’s link (Twitch or YouTube supported) into Rivr’s Search.
  • Click the ‘Import Crowd Control Session” button in the bottom left
  • Select your session’s CSV

Your Crowd Control Session data will now show up alongside your Stream! Rivr will mark important moments, and you can scrub through to find all kinds of clips!


If you have any questions, issues or comments, feel free to ask at our discord. Have fun!

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