Save Files

Back up your current saves

  • Head to the folder below, which is at %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Team Cherry\. Right click Hollow Knight > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.
  • You may not have this folder if you don’t current have any local save files.

Import the new saves

  • For the imported saves to show up, we need to disable cloud saves and delete old files. If you are using Steam, Right click on Hollow Knight in your Steam Library > Properties… > uncheck Steam Cloud saves.
  • Head to the same folder above. Delete the current Hollow Knight folder.
  • Download our save file here.
  • Open the .zip and copy the Hollow Knight folder over into your local Team Cherry folder.
  • Our file will be set as the first save in the list!

Crowd Control Setup

  • Follow the setup steps to complete the install!
    • If you have the game on Steam, it should find your install. If you don’t, select your install location where hollow_knight.exe exists.
    • Install our mod
    • Launch Game
  • If everything is running correctly, you should see this in the top left corner of the games title screen:
  • Load into a game save, you should have the one copied above.
  • Press START in the desktop app
  • Use the Effect Manager in the desktop app to test an effect!

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