Elden Ring (PC)

The new DLC, set for Friday, June 21, will likely cause our support to break! Please be patient while we review and get things back into working order.


You can follow the general setup guide at for extra help with the Twitch Extension, the Crowd Control Desktop Client and other options.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our discord, forum or email us for additional support!


We suggest using the Crowd Control Desktop app to install our mod!

  1. Select Elden Ring from the CC desktop app.
  2. Install the mod using our desktop app.
  3. Launch the game using the CC desktop app. It will take at least 20 seconds for our connector to fully load!

You can find our mod here! Read the notes before going live!

Gameplay Notes

A couple notes about our support for Elden Ring!

During Game Boot:

  •  Our mod will disable online play and move save files! To go back online and restore your save files, please see below! This is how we prevent bans.
  • Seeing “Inappropriate activity detected” is expected when booting the game. We are modifying the game and forcing offline mode!

Game Saves:

  • Make sure to Quit using the in game menu! Forcing the game closed will lose save progress while offline!
  • Normally your saves are at %appdata%\EldenRing but while the CC mod is in place, your CC modified saves will be at %appdata%\EldenRingCrowdControl


  • To avoid despawning of other things in the world, like bosses, spawns from Crowd Control are capped to 10 active spawns. Other spawns will queue until the first 10 are removed.

Safe Zones:

  • All effects will queue and pause while in common safe zones in the game. These zones are noted with the on screen icon above!
  • When effects are sent by viewers at this time, they will receive a message about “safe zones” and be auto refunded.

Uninstall/Remove the Mod

Since our mod disables online play and moves your saves files, you will need to remove our mod to restore online and your saves.

From the games base install folder, remove the following files:

ELDEN RING\Game\dinput8.dll
ELDEN RING\Game\steam_appid.txt
ELDEN RING\Game\ccver

Hold ALT + Click on “Mod Installed” to uninstall the above files, from our desktop app!

Mod Support

Other mods are unlikely to work 100% with using Crowd Control. Test before going live!

Seamless Co-op Mod: The best way to ensure some compatibility is to install the other mod first, and then the Crowd Control mod. Most effects that target you will not appear on other players game.

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