Celeste (PC)


You can follow the general setup guide at for extra help with the Twitch Extension, the Crowd Control Desktop Client and other options.

We suggest using the One Click Setup to install the mod required for this game,. This can be found in the Crowd Control Desktop app, after selecting your game!

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our discord, forum or email us for additional support!

Manual Setup

We recomend using the One Click Setup if you are new to modding with this game. If you want to apply the mod yourself, feel free to follow these steps.

We use the Everest mod loader to allow effects to work. If you do not already have Everest installed, head over to Everest – Celeste Mod Loader to get started.

  • Find our mod at:
    • Use the “1-Click Install” to make things easy!
  • OR you can also find a direct link to the mod here for a manual setup.
    • Copy the zip into the Mods directory where Celeste is installed.
      • Click the cog > Manage > Open Folder in explorer
      • Steam: Rick click game > Manage > Browse local files
  • Start the Crowd Control desktop app, select Celeste and hit START
  • Launch Celeste, which should now have the Everest mod loader along with it.
  • Verify the mod is installed and enabled by going to Mod Options and checking at the bottom of the menu.
    • You will see a warming if the we don’t notice a connection

Gameplay Support

The first time the effect “Madeline (30secs)” is used, it may trigger a cut scene. This should just happen the first time and you can skip the cutscene!

The new mod loader may be flagged as a virus, if you’re worried about allowing it, the “Everest.Installer for Windows (old)” or everestinstaller_dec39.exe should still work fine!

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