The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

This guide is going to be longer than most, but it is worth it.

A few things to note before going down this path. We currently only support cemu 1.21.3, other versions may work, but we cannot confirm them at this time.

Additionally, while cemu is supported at this time, we are working on a way to interact directly with the WiiU console as well.

And finally, we cannot and will not help you find a copy of this game online. Our guide will help you dump your copy from your WiiU system.

With all that said, the first thing you’re going to want to do is making sure your computer can run cemu and stream at the same time!

System Requirements:

You must be running Windows 7 or above with Windows 10 being recommended, whichever Windows OS you are using must be 64-bit.

The emulator cemu can use up to 5 cores of your CPU and it is recommended to have at least 4 cores with 4 threads for this game. 8GB of memory is the minimum you should have, with 16GB being recommended.

As for your graphics card, it is possible to run these games with Intel graphics, but it is not recommended. Any Nvidia card that is a 1060 and up should be enough to handle this game, but the higher end the card the better time you’ll have. AMD cards while supported with cemu may have a harder time than an equivalent Nvidia card. So your results may vary.

When configuring your Graphic settings it is recommended to use Vulkan if on an Nvidia card.

We cannot help you with performance issues, and you should certainly try getting everything running before even trying to add Crowd Control to the mix. You can check out this page The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Cemu Wiki to find more tips on running the game with cemu!

Getting the game files

Now that you’ve checked that your system meets the requirements, it’s time to actually get the game!

We only support the US version of the game, with full game updates AND the DLC pack. If you do not own the DLC, you’ll want to go to the eShop and purchase it. Otherwise, Crowd Control will not work.

We could provide each step for you to do in this guide, but there is actually a much better guide you can use that has everything laid out in an easy to follow manner. Head on over to Dumping Games | Cemu Guide and follow those instructions from top to bottom.

Dumping the game to a USB drive or SD card will require you to have around 22GB of free space. Additionally dumping to an SD card can take around 6 hours for the complete dump, so make sure you have plenty of time when you attempt this.

The guide is well researched and the techniques used are correct, but even with that said, some users will have issues. Please double and triple check everything before reaching out for additional help as everything should be covered in that guide.

If you followed the guide linked about you should have all your files dumped to an SD card or USB drive.

With your files dumped, you need to install them to cemu. Lauch cemu, click File and then “Install game title, update, or DLC”. You’ll want to install the main game first, followed by the updates, and then the DLC.

Game Files: SD:USBDrive:dumplingGamesBreath of the Wildmeta
Game Update: SD:USBDrive:dumplingUpdatesBreath of the Wildmeta
Game DLC: SD:USBDrive:dumplingDLCsBreath of the Wildmeta

The location of your files may be different depending on if you copied the files first, but this should give you the general idea. If everything is installed correctly cemu should show the game as version 208 and DLC 80.

If you got this far, then you’re almost done!


When cemu runs a game it will start to cache files called shaders. These are processed as the game is played and so the first time exploring a new area or fighting a new creature your game may experience some slowdown. The good news is that once you’ve explored enough you should no longer need to process these shaders and the cached files will be used. It’s highly recommended that you run around Hyrule a bit to cache as many shaders as possible, potentially even using some of the effects in Crowd Control to give yourself a speed boost to help grab as many shaders as possible!

Other Settings

Once you have loaded the game once and confirmed things are working, you will need to edit the game profile to match the Mode in the screenshot.

With the game no longer running but selected in the main cemu window, right-click on it and select “Edit Game Profile”. Under the CPU settings, make sure you have Triplecore-Recompiler selected and the thread quantum at the highest setting possible.


If you have a slightly slower CPU or not as many cores are recommended, you may need to lower the threads, but the Mode should always be Triplecore-Recomplier, you’re free to test the settings yourself and find what works best for you.

Graphic Packs

It is recommended to NOT update the graphic packs in the provided CEMU above. As any updates to them can cause issues. These are a list of the known working graphic pack mods, and any changes to them could result in effects not working.

Extended Memory will 100% prevent things from working, so make sure you keep that disabled.


Crowd Control

You can follow the general setup guide at Warp World – The Future of Interactive Streaming & Gaming for extra help with the Crowd Control app, the extension, etc. Don’t forget to create a menu and adjust item pricing at Warp World – The Future of Interactive Streaming & Gaming.

Once you’ve done that, make sure the game is loaded up in cemu, and you’re on the title screen, load up the Crowd Control software, select the game, and click start!

The first time you load the game Crowd Control will not work, the game requires the DLC to be active and it does not activate until you load your first save. After Link wakes up, grab the tablet, save, and load and you should be good to go!

Remember that you can test effects under the “Effects List” button and should do so before starting your stream.

If you followed everything correctly, then there is nothing left other than to have fun!

Special Thanks

Super special thanks to the creators of this effect pack, MelonSpeedruns and Postposterous! Without them, this pack wouldn’t exist and they did a great job creating it.

Additional Thanks

Thanks a lot to Emiyl for all the work on their guide (Dumping Games | Cemu Guide) and their work on Dumpling!

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